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Mike Breen: Mescal Mary & Other B Bender Guitar Instrumentals

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The Rhythm Room

6/12 - “Discover Your New Favorite Bands” w/ Mrs. Lincoln, Robby Roberson Quartet, Day Before Plastics

Musical Instrument Museum

7/25 - Omar Sosa Quarteto Afrocubano
8/1 - Jacob Moon
8/7 - John Pizzarelli
8/9 - David Sanborn, Joey DeFrancesco, Warren Wolf & Byron Landham
8/11 - Arizona Acoustic Blues featuring Jimmy Pines & Washboard Jere, Mikel & Meredith and Nina Curri w/ Dan Rutland and Andy Gonzales
8/22 - Steep Canyon Rangers

Mesa Arts Center

7/24 - Lyle Lovett
7/25 - Tori Amos
8/23 - Tony Bennett
9/20 - Ian Anderson, The Best of Jethro Tull
9/26 - Crosby, Stills & Nash

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Lissa Wale's Photos: Emotion in MotionLissa Wales On Sale Now: "Sticks and Skins" dedicated to internationally known Arizona Music Photographer Lissa Wales. MusicandMoreAZ explores Lissa's work.

Sticks n Skins
“Frequently after shows a person will say they don't like jazz, but they like what we do.”
John Pizzarelli

An Interview with John Pizzarelli

By Mariah Fleming

John Pizzarelli: Music and Merriment at MIM on 8/7

John and Bucky Pizzarelli

If you think you don’t like jazz, chances are you haven’t yet stepped into the orbit of world renowned jazz guitarist and master crooner John PIzzarelli, who is appearing in two shows at the Musical Instrument Museum on Thursday, August 7th. Onstage Pizzarelli is known for his witty, upbeat stage presence and engaging storytelling. In his 2012 autobiography “World on a String” he says that at family gatherings he was the ‘standup comedian” doing bits from George Carlin and Bill Cosby. Undoubtedly, in addition to his wonderful music, his MIM show promises to leave the audience smiling.

Pizzarelli’s father is legendary jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, who played in the Tonight Show orchestra. As a kid, Pizzarelli’s world was filled with jazz. He grew up knowing jazz icons like Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney and Frank Sinatra. So what did he pick as his first instrument? Tenor banjo! That was when he was six years old. Of course, tenor banjo led to the guitar and at the tender age of six he began the process of learning to master it. Considering his body of work, that banjo choice seems like a harbinger of his lifelong artistic curiosity and versatility.

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“Discover Your New Favorite Bands” at The Rhythm Room

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On Sunday August 3rd Music and More Arizona and Radio Free Phoenix invite you to the hip, historic Rhythm Room in Phoenix for the first “Discover Your New Favorite Bands” showcase. It’s a triple treat, featuring three unique Arizona bands: Mrs. Lincoln, the Robby Roberson Quartet and Day Before Plastics.

The Rhythm Room, a Valley landmark destination with a reputation for presenting great music and supporting local talent, is the perfect venue for the “Discover Your New Favorite Bands” showcase. So c’mon, get out of the heat and into some cool music at The Rhythm Room on Sunday August 3rd. Doors open at 7 PM, the show starts at 8 PM. Complete info at The

A Concert Review:  Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle at MIM

“Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle stand alone as premiere American artists yet stood together for this moment in time as fellow travelers on the highway of folk music tradition.” “Stories & Songs” (A Review)

By Kyle Harris

Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle

On Sunday night May 25th, the Phoenix MIM hosted two of America’s premiere songwriters, each with a hit-studded, award-winning provenance. Their individual writing style, musical sensibilities and performance aesthetic are entirely divergent, yet they found common ground several times in this performance that gave fans of each artist what they came to witness.

Shawn Colvin is a self-described creator of “break-up” songs. Crafted through her life experience and lyrical sensitivity, then delivered via one of the most intriguing voices in the world of singer/songwriterdom, she creates true art. This is validated both by Grammy Awards and by number one singles. The audience was also witness to Colvin’s demonstration of singing mastery, illustrating that harmony is not subjugation, but empowerment.

Steve Earle comes with an entirely different creative perspective drawn from an experientially rich and sometimes turbulent life. Musically, Earle exploded onto the country music scene with the hugely successful “Guitar Town” in 1986, ranked as one of the Rolling Stone’s 500 best records of all time. His focus and power as a songwriter has deepened, becoming more acute and insightful over the years.

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"There’s really nothing quite so satisfying as collaboration. I love to sing and play with other people and I love to co write. It's thrilling.” Shawn Colvin

An Interview with Shawn Colvin

By Mariah Fleming

Q.I’ve interviewed you before, and I’m really pleased to be doing it again. Thank you.
A.Well, thank you.

Q.You’ve played MIM several times. How do you like the MIM concert space?
A.It’s fantastic, I’m always glad to be back!

Q.You work with a diverse array of tremendous musicians like Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, Loudon Wainwright, Mary Chapin Carpenter and many others. Are there any musicians you haven’t worked with that you’d like to work with?Shawn Colvin
A.Wow. That’s a hard question. I’m sure there are. I mean, I’ve been tremendously lucky. I can’t even emphasize how lucky I’ve been to have met and worked with some of my favorite people. I mean, so many. James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Richard Thompson, Bonnie Raitt. I’ve spent some time with Joni Mitchell.

Q.Can you tell me about it?
A.Yeah. I did a tribute to her. I haven’t worked with her per say but got to know her a little bit.

Q.That’s wonderful.
A.Yeah, it is. And I've worked with people like Emmy Lou Harris and Neil Finn. That’s such a hard question (laughs) because I know there are! I don’t’ want to get too hung up on this; I’m just so grateful for the ones I have worked with.

OK, I'll move on from there.

Q.Your writing has such emotional courage and fearlessness. Has it always been that way for you or has it developed over the years of writing?
A.Well, I appreciate that, I hope it’s true. When I started writing that was kind of part of how I wanted to go. The direction I wanted to go is just to kind of, I don’t know, tell the truth, I guess…my truth I guess. But telling emotional truth… that’s what has meant the most to me from the people I knew and the people who have helped me. Eventually I think I told stories and got a little more fictional, but initially it was just ‘say what you know.”

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